A Review on Immune-Boosting Activity of Functional Foods-Prebiotics and Probiotics

DOI: 10.36664/bt/2021/v68i1/165754

Anooshka Arun Avasare


Panoramic research on the correlation of gut microbial health and the immune system led to an increase in awareness regarding the importance of functional foods like prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics and prebiotics possess the capability to alter the gut microflora and thereby regulating the immune system. They can positively influence gut microbiota and correspondingly improve host immunity. Prebiotics are indigestible fibres that are metabolised by gut microorganisms to produce metabolites that are beneficial to human health. Probiotics are 'good bacteria' which play a pivotal role in maintaining the gut microbiome. This review paper aims to present an overview of the human gut, immune system, and their correlation. This review also assesses the immune-boosting mechanism of probiotics and prebiotics and provides a comprehensive view of the potential of functional food- prebiotics and probiotics for boosting immunity. The review has also provided a glimpse of the potential application of prebiotics and probiotics in boosting immunity against SARS-COVID-19 and the mechanism behind it. It discusses the future scope in the formulation and application of functional prebiotic and probiotic foods. It is suggested to further the research for improving the acceptability, efficiency, and to aid in the treatment of various diseases.


Immune System, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Good Bacteria, Boosting Immunity.

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