Drug Release Medical Textiles: Fundamentals, Classification and Methods of Fabrication

DOI: 10.36664/bt/2021/v68i1/165762

Karthik Sinha

Advancements in the medical field have provided the best solutions to medical problems and improved the comfort of application. Textile systems can function as comfortable delivery systems for medication in a smarter way, as there is no need to take it orally or in the form of injection. It also has other advantages over the conventional methods of delivering drugs such as reduced doses as compared to oral dose, avoids metabolism in the liver, reduced side effects, and preferred when oral administration is difficult, e.g. with children, people with swallowing difficulties, or people who are forgetful. Such wearable medical textiles can be fabricated by making use of biodegradable polymers or nano particles. In recent years, the fabrication process technology of textile materials has witnessed significant progress. This has enabled “Smart Wearable Medical Textiles” which seemed a farfetched dream earlier turn into reality. This paper will classify the latest therapeutic drug release systems, and explain different methods of fabrication of medical textiles.

Keywords:Drug Delivery Systems; Encapsulation; Nanofibres; Nonwovens;Technical Textiles

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