Transition Metal-Based Nanoparticles Catalyzed Esterification Reactions

DOI: 10.36664/bt/2021/v68i1/160703

Rimjhim Bali *, Harshita Shet


Esters are an important source of aroma due to which they are widely used in cosmetics and food industries. Apart from their fragrance, they are used in textile industries, lubricants, and many other fields. This review paper mainly introduces the overview of research about oxidative esterification using metal nanoparticles. Traditional esterification fundamentally proceeds between carboxylic acid derivatives and alcohols and is regularly a multistep process. Also, research interest in the area of nanotechnology using transition metal nanoparticles is of great interest for application in catalysis for direct esterification of alcohols and aldehydes under oxidative conditions. Transition metal nanoparticles catalyzed esterification process has paved the way to the efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly direct oxidative esterification of alcohols and aldehydes.


Alcohols, Aldehydes, Esterification, Nanoparticles, Transition Metals.

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