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  • I found out about Bombay Technologist from its whatsapp research community group and the experience I had was like none other! I worked under Dr. Sandip Roy who is a professor at IIT Bombay. I learnt tons of stuff during my research internship and even got an extension to complete my ongoing work, which we are trying to publish in an international journal. I really recommend the students to cross the bridges of ICT and apply for an internship outside ICT as the exposure gained is much higher, outside our comfort zone.

-Akanksha Warade
ICT Mumbai Chem Engg Department 
Guide: Dr. Sandip Roy
IIT Bombay 

  • I interned under Dr. Rahul Nabar from IIT Bombay through BTUGRP. My work was to design self-optimising reactors and data Collection via sensors, specifying the design of the experiment. My professor intermittently gauged my interest in research during our meetings and when necessary, provided the right guidance about getting involved, thereby igniting my passion for research.  While investigating the phenomenon being studied, it was useful to know how the original study was performed. Prof. Rahul engaged me in the topic firsthand which made it easier to understand the rationale underlying the research. He encouraged me to find my own hypotheses to truly understand the nuances of research designs and better conceptualize the data. This kind of one-on-one mentorship is otherwise unheard of in the undergraduate curriculum and hence helped me discover an untapped passion!

-Ekta Jagtiani
ICT Mumbai Poco Department 
Guide: Dr. Rahul Nabar
IIT Bombay

  • Bombay Technologist provides a powerful source and an excellent platform for various internship opportunities for students.  We students can learn different things with the help of these internships through BTUGRP and also gain a lot of knowledge. Life at BT for 3-4 months is an enjoyable experience for every student. I think Bombay Technologist is the best for availing an internship opportunity.

-Yogesh Yadav
Integrated M-Tech in chemical Engineering, ICT Mumbai
Guide: Dipak Maity,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
ICT-IOC, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

  • I did my internship under Prof Chandu Madankar. Unfortunately due to COVID, it was conducted online itself. The topic was 'review on water engine oil as a potential source for biosurfactant production'.

  • During those 3 months of internship, I learnt a lot of new concepts, techniques used for characterization of molecules, analytical methods etc. Also, since I read a number of research and review papers, conference papers, articles etc., it helped me understand the format/pattern and significance of each of these documents. Furthermore, there was a lecture conducted by Dr. Anant Kapadi sir on how to write research or review papers arranged by BT which was helpful too. This experience was useful for my IPT at Godrej chemicals. Now I am even confident enough to write my own review paper!

-Aishwarya Madankar
Oils Department, ICT Mumbai
Guide: Dr. Chandu S. Madankar,
Department of Oils, ICT Mumbai

  • BTUGRP helped me gain an invaluable experience of working in a lab under Prof Gogate. I even got an extension for 8 months to complete my project after the duration of my BT internship ended. This project is going to be published in an international journal, thereby giving me some really strong points in my CV. I would definitely recommend students to experience BTUGRP and gain wonders.

- Shikhar Singh
Chemical Engg ICT Mumbai
Guide: Dr. Parag Gogate
Department of Chemical Engg, ICT Mumbai

  • I found out about BTUGRP through the instagram profile of BT and my experience was truly amazing. This internship helped me understand about the applications of the particular subject and topic in real life.  The interaction with such highly experienced academia helped me understand how research/review papers are drafted. It is one of the most valuable assets in my CV and I would definitely encourage everyone eligible to apply.    

-Karthika Menon 

ICT Mumbai Fibres and textiles department

Guide: Dr Ashok Athalye

Department of Fibres and Textiles, ICT Mumbai

How Bombay Technologist is beneficial.
• Bombay Technologist is an excellent platform to provide an opportunity for zealous candidates to partake in research opportunities at such an early stage under highly experienced professors distinguished in their respective domains.
• Such early on research experience will surely enhance the student’s C.V. unlocking more opportunities for them in the path ahead for Research Internships, Industry, Masters and Post-Doctoral programmes.
• Developing a genuine passion for the respective research topic and field once completely immersed into it.
• Helps us to sharpen our aptitude, analytical skills, critical thinking, application of theoretical knowledge, and defining a solid base to our academic foundation by conceptualizing the curriculum taught.
• Encourage hands on learning experiences under professors and expanding our knowledge and understanding of that specific topic outside of the syllabus.
• Allow us to build a one-on-one connection with the professors who are highly skilled in their fields and also with distinguished faculty members in the respective research domain.
• Initiate students to manage the balance between individualistic tasks and collaborative research projects.

-Aditya Shinde
F.Y. B. Pharmacy.

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